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Addressing Top Myths & FAQ About Spinal Decompression

man and woman looking at paperworkWhether you have excruciating back pain, a bulging or herniated disc, sciatica or severe stenosis, you want effective and lasting relief. Many people are told they’ll need surgery or painkillers, both of which can be risky. Non-surgical spinal decompression is a drug-free option to address your pain or disc issue.

Perhaps you’ve heard about this form of motorized traction, but have some concerns or have heard some myths about it. Dr. Kelch is here to address those:

Myth #1: It’s painful.

Fact: This computerized therapy is painless. We can do a light pull that’s very calibrated. Initially, for someone in pain, we don’t do a cycle, where the machine will pull and let loose repeatedly. Instead, we’ll do a static pull. Typically, when people get off the table after their session, they feel better.

Myth #2: I’ll have to go forever.

Fact: Some patients think you have to have this treatment forever, but that’s not necessarily the case. The way we approach it is that every patient is different in terms of the amount of pull and length of time we go through the treatment. The patient dictates their care as they respond.

After intense, acute sessions, Dr. Kelch recommends maintenance care to maintain the results with both chiropractic care and periodic decompression sessions, particularly if you have any acute symptoms that show up later.

Myth #3: One session is all I’ll need.

Fact: One session is not a cure-all. It will take 6-12 visits to see a difference, and then we will dictate care according to how you are feeling.

A Patient Success Story

One of our patients was getting frustrated by not getting the results he wanted through chiropractic care. Because he didn’t know we offered spinal decompression care, he went to another doctor for a consultation. That doctor sent the patient out for an MRI, and the doctor recommended decompression.

The patient found out what that doctor wanted to charge, and it was approximately $4500 upfront! Once the patient learned that Absolute Wellness does it for far less than most physicians in the area, he started coming in for sessions.

Within four sessions, the patient noticed improvement and now comes in every three weeks for a simple decompression session. His MD wanted to do surgery on the man’s disc holes, and because of the great results he’s gotten at our practice, he hasn’t gone back to that doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session take?

Initially, a typical session is about 10 minutes, and toward the end of the patient’s treatment plan, a session might take 15-20 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

It will likely take 6-8 visits before you see a real difference. It’s not a fix-all for everybody; it depends on the severity of your condition. You will be given our recommendations.

Do you give exercises to do after the treatment?

Yes, afterward Dr. Kelch will give you stretches to do. These are very light stretches, such as stretching your hamstrings and touching your toes.

After every patient’s session, whether he adjusted them or not, Dr. Kelch reviews how each visit went and ensures everything is headed in the right direction.

If you think spinal decompression may benefit you, contact us today to book an appointment.

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