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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Peoria

Did you know you can sustain whiplash even if you are traveling at a low speed of just four miles per hour? The technical term for whiplash is deceleration where all the ligaments around the neck or lower back are stretched out like a rubber band, and they don’t recoil. They’ve lost that elasticity, and it takes time for those to heal, but you have to have some structural help to keep those vertebrae in line. That’s why it’s important to seek chiropractic care as soon as possible after an auto accident.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Kelch ensures those ligaments reach their predetermined length and provide structural integrity back to that affected area. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer rehab to ensure that we can get muscle support around those areas.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Dr Rob reviewing spine model with female patientThe strain from an accident can cause inflammation and damage to nerves, muscles, tissues, and joints, which may present as injuries, such as

  • Whiplash, which causes neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, and headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling or numbness in the arm
  • Sciatica and other types of nerve impingements
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Disc herniation or disc bulge
  • Acute facet joint lock or vertebral subluxation
  • Ligament sprains
  • Concussion


‘But I Don’t Have Pain’

With whiplash, you may not have an issue right away, but many times we’ll see on X-rays 10-20 years down the line that there’s neck degeneration that will cause issues later on in life. Our objective is to prevent arthritic, degenerative disc disease type issues in the future due to traumas earlier in life. Once that disease occurs, you can’t go backward. You can treat the symptoms, but you can’t reverse those actual degenerations of the spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office work with insurance companies for auto accidents?

Yes, we work with insurance companies and attorneys.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

You will need to bring the accident report. We’ll also ask you to complete some additional paperwork, so we can have documentation of what exactly happened in the accident, and find out who’s at fault and what’s the proper insurance to bill.

Do you bill insurance directly?


How long can I expect to be in the office for the initial appointment?

The first visit is usually 20-25 minutes, and the second is about the same. If you sustained whiplash, we will do X-rays every time, since there was a direct trauma.

Will I need an MRI?

It depends on the severity. If Dr. Kelch thinks you need an MRI, for example, we will need to involve your primary care physician, as he can’t refer you out for that.

How long will I need to be under care?

We will likely see you for 3-6 months, but toward the end of your care plan, we will see you a lot less frequently (e.g. once a week to once every other week). But in the beginning of your care, we will have you come in 2-3 times a week.

Will I be given exercises or different therapies along with chiropractic?

Most of the time with whiplash cases, we’ll do rehab exercises in the office with a trainer that we have on staff. Depending on the severity of your pain, we may do ultrasound, electrical stimulation or cold laser therapy.

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