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Get Non-Surgical Back & Neck Pain Relief With Spinal Decompression

lower-back-and-neck-pain-sq-400If you’re seeking relief from chronic back pain without undergoing surgery or relying on painkillers, non-surgical spinal decompression offers an excellent alternative, using gentle stretching techniques to alleviate discomfort and improve spinal health.

How Does It Work?

This treatment employs a specialized machine to elongate the spine, gradually reducing nerve compression. You will be secured to our automated decompression table, which will carefully and slowly stretch your spine, and then allow it to relax. This action increases the gaps between the vertebrae, facilitating a kind of “breathing” for the fluid around the joint. The affected disc absorbs nutrients and expels cellular waste, improving recovery.

Conditions It Can Address

If you have any of the following, spinal decompression may be right for you:

  • Bulging or herniated disc
  • Degenerated disc
  • Muscle tension in the low back or neck
  • Radiculopathy
  • Sciatic pain
  • Severe arthritis
  • Stenosis

Spinal decompression is an attractive option for those seeking alternatives to surgery or those for whom physical therapy and medication have not provided adequate relief.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates for this therapy are people who have exhausted other medical options and are hesitant about surgery. Before starting treatment, Dr. Kelch will want to look at imaging, such as X-rays or MRIs, to pinpoint the specific areas needing attention. The process is finely tuned, adjusting the machine’s settings based on the patient’s response, ensuring a personalized treatment plan.

Does It Hurt?

New patients might feel apprehensive about undergoing spinal decompression therapy. Rest assured that the treatment is gentle and controlled, often starting with short sessions that adjust in intensity and duration based on patient comfort and therapeutic response.

When Will I See Results?

Although not an overnight solution, most patients begin to notice significant improvements within four to six weeks, with treatments typically scheduled twice a week.

Take That First Step Toward Relief

You don’t have to put up with persistent back or neck pain. Contact Absolute Wellness today to book a consultation with Dr. Kelch. He’ll let you know if non-surgical spinal decompression might be the right choice for you.


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