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Stay in the Game With Sports Chiropractic

lacing up running shoesWhether you’re a runner, high school baseball, basketball or football player, or die-hard CrossFitter, you want to perform at your athletic best. Chiropractic care is the secret weapon athletes of all levels use to stay off the sidelines and at the top of their game.

We usually have athletes come into the practice with an injury, and then we let them know they can perform better by getting chiropractic care. That’s because if the joints and spine are aligned properly, not only will a neurological function work better but also the orientation of the muscles is at the proper angle, so those muscles can fire quicker. An athlete will have more explosiveness and adapt better to their surroundings,” said Dr. Kelch.

A Focus on Extremity Adjustments

One of the primary things that we focus on in our office is the extremity adjustment (e.g. knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist, etc.). Absolute Wellness is one of the few offices in the Peoria area with a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP). Naturally, we also focus on the spine, because that’s where all the neurological function begins.

Trainer-Provided Stretches & Exercises

Another benefit athletes can enjoy as a patient here is the services of a local trainer who comes to the practice a few days a week. The trainer can help strengthen or stretch those areas in need of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does chiropractic prevent sports injuries?

Making sure the joints are properly aligned can help prevent injuries. It’s always ideal to get in for care before there’s an injury, and to ensure everything works properly, rather than treat an injury.

How quickly will I get out of pain?

We can take care of pain quickly using alternative therapies, including TENS units, electric stim and ultrasound.

When can I return to my sport?

Every person is different. It depends on your athletic ability, age, the sport you’re playing, and the type of injury you have. For instance, for someone with a high ankle sprain, it usually takes six to eight weeks to recover most of the time. With the experience that we have, we’re taking pressure off those joints, letting an athlete recover quickly, so they can be back on the field two to three weeks earlier.

Do you give discounts to young athletes whose parents or siblings are patients?


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